What to Wear

Planning your outfit

I know it can feel overwhelming to pick what to wear for photos. This is a question I get for pretty much every shoot- should we coordinate or match outfits, Im not sure what to wear?

My best answer is yes to coordinating but no to matching. 


Here's a few guidelines and suggestions I've put together so you guys can feel amazing, comfortable and make sure the images are focused on you and not what you're wearing.

This is just what I've found to work from trial and error in past shoots, they're only guidelines, not rules- I want you to feel and look like yourselves, how you normally dress, so you can be as comfortable as possible. 

Flowy dresses and clothing that adds movement to your images that make them come to life in such a special way. I love anything that's a bit loose and can catch a little wind :) 


Here's a few guidelines to help if you're feeling unsure about what to wear.

First, I recommend bringing an extra option or two.

I'll help pick and pull a few outfits for you guys to change into when we move locations- this allows you to get more variety from our session and it will help the overall look of the photos to compliment the environment and keep the focus on you!

All you should bring is clothes that you feel good in, stuff you wear normally, I don't recommend going out and buy a bunch of new outfits. I suggest bringing 2 extra shirts and pants, or an extra dress or two. Accessories are always great to layer on and can add an interesting element to your photos, hats, beanies, scarves, jewellery etc. For family shoots, I know kids aren't usually up for an outfit change, if you want to bring an extra shirt or sweater for them thats aweosme, if not totally fine too! 


Also, just know that depending on where we are shooting, you'll most likely be changing in the back of the car or behind some trees by the beach. If you aren't down with that, thats totally fine just bring one outfit and you can always send me a photo before if your unsure about  which outfit to wear.

Patterns & Logos

Avoid big, loud, chunky patterns.

The smaller and more subtle the better, if the pattern on your clothes is too loud it will distract from your faces. Flannels are always a yes, I think they match the island life so much and add a nice texture to photos. Patterns can work in photos, typically I have only one person wear a pattern against the other solid-colored clothing.  

Logos can work in a certain situation, I always suggest avoiding branding logos like "Hollister" across the front of your sweater but if you have a favorite band t-shirt you love or a logo that means something to you, absolutely bring it along! 

If one of you is wearing a patterned shirt the other should wear something solid so you arent clashing :)


Softer Colours & Texture

Neutral colors don't have to be just beige, grey, and taupe. Every color basically has a softer more neutral version. Instead of green, a sage soft green. Opposed to bright red, a maroon works better. Textured clothes also add warmth and life to your photos, chunky knits, ribbed shirts, jean jackets.


Softer tones don't stand out so loudly and keep the focus on you and your partner or family. This is just a general suggestion, bring some options and you can't go wrong. 


Props don't have to be cheesy! :P They can be so fun for shoots! Props can be a pizza picnic, some champagne and a favourite blanket, your guitar, motorcycle, a book to read, a truck/car, campfire, a paddleboard or canoe! 

All of these props can be used in such a fun way, if you have any ideas or props you want to incorporate let me know and we can make sure to get them in the photos.


In Home Sessions

All of the above applies, but for in-home couples sessions, a little less clothing is better.


You don't need to be borderline naked, but the photos will look a lot more comfortable and intimate than if you're in lots of heavy layers. Cause let's be real, most people walk around without pants on at home anyways. If you want to just wear his shirt or sweater for a few or have your man go shirtless, then heck yes to that. :P


For family in-home sessions, I still say more comfortable light clothing and skin on skin creates emotion and connection in your images. I recommend wearing more tank tops, shorts, sweaters, jeans and anything to mix and match. 


Client Closet Available with your session!

I have recently started a client closet. I have started investing in dresses for ladies to choose from- different colors, styles, and sizes, most have a stretch that will fit a wider variety of body types and for maternity sessions.  Estimated sizing is posted beside each dress.

These are included in my sessions at no extra cost. You will usually have the option to pick them up the day before our session to try them on or more in advance if they're not needed for another shoot. :)

Well that's all friends!

If you have any more questions, let me know! If you're still not sure what to wear feel free to message me and I can help with styling! But overall, just wear what you're comfortable in.

You do you and the photos will turn out amazing. 

Chanel xo